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NIAGARA WRITERS: GI author writes book promoting personal, global understanding

Every human must consider the beliefs of others before peace can come to the planet, according to Grand Island author Richard Moore.
Moore recently published his first book, “The Paradigm Prophecies,” to support healing on both a personal and global level. He says peace will never come unless our understanding of each other grows.

Moore, a graduate of Niagara University, served in executive leadership capacities for more than 30 years, often focusing on fundraising for wellness and health initiatives.

Over the course of his career in education and health care, Moore conducted thousands of interviews with nurses, other health practitioners, patients and surviving family members in more than 40 states for two decades, and they set the base for the advice and counsel presented in his book. The impact of these stories is followed by reflective poetry at the end of each chapter, which he hopes will touch both minds and hearts.
“I want people to understand divergent and opposing viewpoints in order to accentuate the healing potential that emerges from this process,” he said. In “The Paradigm Prophecies,” he asks readers to reconsider the validity of powerful beliefs that contribute to their life circumstances. Then he asks them to consider the beliefs of others for true understanding and peace.

Moore lives on Grand Island with his wife, Ann, his partner of over 40 years. He has three grown daughters and five granddaughters.

Born in dependency, we quite quickly thrust ourselves onto a growing path of independence. Early on, all children can be seen expending great energy trying their best to daily learn more and move increasingly forward to do things for themselves. In fact, as soon as a child can talk, you will often hear an almost innate demand from toddlers screaming, “Myself, myself!” no matter how hard the task before them is. This is a natural path of development we travel before learning how to create our own joy in this world, as often expressed in our familiar “pursuit of happiness” in declaring our independence.

From my present perspective, I believe that a source of universal power and love exists as an available resource that is never far away. Many traditions have affirmed that this source lies closer than the heartbeat implanted within each of us from our moment of origin. While we may remain unaware of our own power within, from my experience, it is there only waiting to be discovered. Comparable to the small acorn where within lies the hidden potential for the immense and miraculous growth of an oak tree, if and when it takes root. Our human potential for growth and creation is unimaginably greater if we but begin to nurture ourselves as adults.

These polar opposite states of dependence and independence can serve to keep us in a place of healthy equilibrium. To a degree, one might say they provide a sort of equatorial balancing point where life is supported in a temperate zone where we can grow strong and lush. This principle of balance helps guide us on our life journey, and it necessarily lies in between harsh extremes. Balance is indeed a healthy ingredient between all the extremes of this world as we know it. Yet the paradox of our world shows us that extremes can also serve a healthy purpose, such as the poles controlling seasonal shifts of life on the planet. As humans, we often mirror nature with our personal oscillations that can range from instances of emotional frigidity to the heat of passionate love or from laughter to anger. It seems that opposites are an undeniable part of our human experience and are beneficial if balanced. In contrast, it can be observed that if any extremes are embraced long term as a lifestyle, it can potentially be a dysfunctional trap characterized by a negative dependence, be it forced or freely chosen.

“The Paradign Prophecies,” can be purchased online at

The US Review of Books (reviewed by Donna Ford)

“These stories are presented only to help us listen to others first, which can free us to better hear our inner voice and intuitive wisdom.”

“Moore combines memoir-like glimpses into his life along with evocative poems he has written in order to make the case that replacing current paradigms could heal humankind and positively impact the world’s future.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A debut book offers a wide-ranging and deeply personal study of the process of individual healing. As the underpinning for his work, Moore interviewed many people on all parts of the health care spectrum—from caregivers like nurses to the loved ones of patients—to explore concepts of healing, both mental and  physical, and alternate therapies that might be effective in a wide variety of situations.”

Foreword Reviews -Clarion Review, (by Amanda Adams)

“An interesting mix of poetry, prose, and reflective self-help, the concept behind The Paradigm Prophecies is compelling. Moore blends autobiographical information with pertinent poetry and prose meant to guide readers through their own self-discovery.”

Blue Ink Review

The Paradigm Prophecies offers a timely and realistic approach for understanding others and self. Whatever the notion of self-healing means to readers personally, the book’s ordinary wisdom and heartfelt reminders for deep self-reflection will certainly encourage the inward work necessary to move forward.