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Some samples of the authors poetic reflections follow.

Resilient Seasons                                                                                           

We are all entitled, To our personal seasons,
Some roads are required, To experience for reasons.
Reasons unknown, As things come and go,
Yet surely you have grown, looking back you will know.

So fear not the future, self-centering is not bad,
your balance will be truer, and immeasurably glad!
Such are our seasons, Of both darkness and light,
they include many pleasings, unseen at first sight.

The Child

A child from nowhere, embraced by two,
Regardless of gender, happy with any hue.
Born a conception, of incomparable truth,
From newborn, to toddler, and into youth.

Obviously Simple, complex to comprehend,
A life is beginning, here on without end.
A breathtaking birth, in giving first breath,
Miracle mother earth, births life from death.

In the normal course of our daily life,
Comes a healthy dose of discord and strife.
Shades of blue and gray, so plain to see,
A child brings balance, laughter and glee.

Labored by love; busy, tired and drained,
Constant energy, on this child to be trained.
The pleasure of parenting, while not all joy,
Invites us to lavish, loving girl or boy!

Weathering the tough times, and rougher rains,
Growth is born in darkness, of loss and deep pains!
Yet harvesting growth is a pleasure supreme,
Transforming each tear, to nourish a dream.