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BOOKHARDThe Paradigm Prophecies: Reflections for Healing

Offering an invitation for a personal process of healing, The Paradigm Prophecies, by author Richard Francis Moore, fuses prose and poetry in a unique format. It supports the healing energies of family, friends, communities, and all the cultures encircling the globe, potentially nurturing the entire population of the planet now and in the future.

Moore conducted thousands of interviews with nurses, other health practitioners, patients, and surviving family members in more than forty states for two decades, and they set the base for the advice and counsel presented in The Paradigm Prophecies. The heartfelt impact of these stories is followed by reflective poetry at the end of each chapter, intending to touch both minds and hearts.

He invites you to understand divergent and opposing viewpoints in order to accentuate the healing potential that emerges from this process. The Paradigm Prophecies provides a variety of perspectives on healing to facilitate individual self-reflection, and to help you reconsider the validity of powerful foundational paradigms that contribute to your present circumstances.

Richard Francis Moore earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Niagara University. He’s served in executive leadership capacities for more than thirty years, focusing on garnering resources for wellness and health initiatives. Moore lives in Grand Island, New York, with Ann, his partner of over forty years. He has three grown daughters and five granddaughters.